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Talented Children and Teens...

...can start participating in professional opportunities on stage (Broadway), in films and on television, in commercials, print and even voice over sooner than you think.

It is easy and fun and gives them a jump on a successful career in the arts. Many parents contemplate the possibilities but never act on it due to the lack of credible information. Some even give up opportunities due to fear of the unknown.

Sadly these talented children and their dreams of a performance career get put on a back burner and are never fully realized. It is safe and easy to help kick start your child’s career in the arts and set them up for success.

My Online Course...

...Professional Kids & Teens 101; A Primer for Parents gives you an inside view of how the industry works and teaches you everything you need to know to get started today; safely and effectively.

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...who have successfully launched their child or teen’s career.

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Headshots & Resumes

Our first 2 Bonus How-To Videos, I and II, give you details on the industry standard for HEADSHOTS and RESUMES. Make the right choices for your child or teen's HEADSHOTS and for your budget. The How-To RESUMES Video teaches you how to create the best resume whether your child is at the starting gate or already in the game.

Self Tapes, Voice Overs & Reels

Our Free Bonus How-To Videos III, IV, and V give you details on how to create industry standard SELF TAPES, the equipment you need and how you can execute at home. How-To Video IV explains everything you need to create VOICE OVER submissions and demos. Video V teaches the basics and industry standards for creating REELS to add to your child or teen's profiles.

Cover Letters & The Interview

Our Free Bonus How-To Video VI gives you details on creating COVER LETTERS for submissions to Agents and Managers. Video VII provides you with tools to prepare your child or teen for THE INTERVIEW with an agent or manager to successfully obtain representation for Stage, Film, TV, Commercials, Voice Over, Modeling and Print.

Leesa's Track Record

She has been teaching parents for over 25 years...

...how to successfully navigate this illusive industry. Now she is offering her knowledge and insight in this groundbreaking online course.


Jo Ann & Quinn

"When we found Leesa Csolak and LBC Talent, Quinn had already been working in the industry since the age of 5. Mostly small, local jobs booked in Allentown, PA. We were really looking for a place to expand her acting, voice, and dance abilities and found Leesa. What I didn’t know is that Leesa understood the ins and outs of the industry and was a consultant to parents like myself trying to help their child achieve their dreams.

Leesa is a one-of-a-kind person in an industry of many. It is not everyday you meet someone that is so willing to help you every step of the way. She will sit with you, talk to you, guide you, and help you curate a path that will lead to success. She will also be the first to congratulate you and your child when something awesome comes their way!

It was the combination of the amazing training and the guided confidence that led us to search out talent agencies in New York for Quinn to continue on her journey in this industry. Quinn was officially signed to a huge agency in NYC in June and she is now auditioning for roles of a lifetime.

If you are a parent like me, trying to navigate this industry, or a parent looking for amazing dance, voice, and acting training, Leesa and LBC Talent have everything you need!"

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To join the elite group of parents who have been successful in their quest to offer their talented children opportunities beyond the average.

Frequently Asked Questions
From Parents Just Like You

  • I don't think my child is good enough at ______, should I wait and train them more first?

    Many children begin in this industry with no formal training. However, at some point training will become essential.

  • When is the best time to start?

    There is no specific answer to that question. However there are more opportunities the earlier you begin.

  • How do I balance home, family, and my busy schedule?

    I address this in detail and share tools and specific ways to handle life in general with a professional working child or teen.

  • What about school?

    School is discussed in detail as there are specific choices you have when it comes to education. Education is of the utmost importance. Included in the Seminar are sample correspondence templates you can use as well.

  • How do I handle costs associated with training, auditions, travel, etc?

    The Seminar offers specifics about money matters and gives you the tools necessary to create a plan that works for you. In the personal One-On-One service offered in Level 4 I help you determine where and when additional monies might be spent. This is based on the individual needs of your child for the foreseeable opportunities both in the near and far future.

  • Can someone help me? Can you do it for me?

    This question comes up quite often. I give you tools to find the time to get things over the starting line. However, if you need help executing, we are here to help.

I Am Your Instructor

Leesa Csolak

CEO & Founder Expert Career Consultant

I have worked in many aspects of the performance industry over a 40+ year career in the arts. Over the past thirty-five years I have been helping both parents of talented children as well as young adult actors, singers, and dancers launch careers by giving them insight and guidance. I teach exactly how this elusive industry functions from the inside out based on years of navigating it myself and with and for my own children. This allows my clients to make smart decisions and ultimately obtain professional representation.

My track record speaks for itself as I have had stellar success working with parents of performers from ages 3 through 17 and with adult clients and college students ages 18-35.

I have been a select speaker at national events both live and virtually, been quoted as an expert in Dance Magazine and Dance Spirit for Dance Media, Inc, been a featured expert on managing children, teens, and young adult careers on television programming on Oxygen for NBC Universal in The Next Big Thing. And I am a sought after industry expert speaking on stage throughout the US and as a guest on podcasts and YouTube regularly.

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Learn how I helped hundreds of talented kids, teens, and young adults create and navigate successful careers on Stage including Broadway, in Film, on TV, in Commercials, Voice Over and More.

Find out how you can do it too.

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At Level 1, 2, and 3 of my Online Course you have Instant Access to my Exclusive VIP Facebook Group. This Group was designed specifically for members to access information specific to help navigate a professional arts career. You will learn from other performers just like yourself. And LBCTalent Reps will share insight and answers to questions and concerns of our members.

We Guarantee...

...to provide you with all the information, tools, guidance, best practices and timelines, video tutorials, worksheets as well as networks for training and submissions necessary to execute and create the assets needed to obtain professional representation, submit directly for work opportunities, and professionally navigate the performance industry with your child or teen. If you are not fully satisfied based on our promise, we will refund the full price of the course. This applies within 30-days of purchase.

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