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The new, groundbreaking Online Courses; 'Professional Kids & Teens 101; A Primer for Parents' and 'Professional Biz 201; College Students & Grads' teach you everything you need to know to start a career on Stage/Broadway, in Film, on TV, in Commercials, Voice Over, Print, Modeling and More. 

Makin' It Happen; A Career in the Performing Arts Online Courses are the best resources to create, curate and navigate a career in the performing arts.

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Professional Kids & Teens 101; A Primer for Parents

Professional Biz 201; Young Adults, College Students & Grads


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  • Preparation

    Learn about industry standard headshots, how to set up and build the resume, how to find training with top pros and mentors, and how to choose worthwhile performance opportunities that will make the resume stand out to agents, managers, and casting directors.

  • Promotion

    Learn the language of the business, how it works from the inside out, how to walk the walk and talk the talk. Learn from start to getting signed, how to obtain professional representation. Learn how to get in the right rooms and land the dream career.

  • Representation

    Learn how to successfully navigate the performance industry for yourself or for your talented child or teen. Learn how to gain professional representation; how to find the right manager or an agent fit for your talent, abilities and goals.

Open the Door

"I have been obsessed over the course of the past forty years about why the performance industry is such a closed-door industry with no real information available to the average person. The idea of trying to ‘break into’ the business is thwarted by most parents and adults throughout the United States and abroad, honestly due to the lack of available honest and true information.

Of those who are in the business whether just starting or successfully navigating a career, many remain confused and travel blindly. Much of which breeds a sense of fear and subsequent ownership of what knowledge and understanding they have, creating the need to keep information close to the chest.

As a professional entrepreneur and a parent of three children, one of whom dabbled at a young age and the other two who successfully worked in many aspects of the child, teen and now are in the adult professional performance industry working on Broadway, in Film and Television, Commercials and Voice Over, and more (Thank you, Claire, at Gilla Roos, NYC and Shirley, Dave, and Laura of Shirley Grant Management for the early years) I have vowed to change that mantra."

"Striking the right balance between having years of experience, industry connections, standards for success, relentless drive, and being a mother of children who are currently working in the industry, Leesa is probably the most qualified person to find, nurture, elevate, and launch talent into successful performing arts careers.

If you are reading this, either as a parent of a talented child or are considering a life in the arts yourself, you’ve stumbled upon THE best resource and door into succeeding in this industry. 

Endeavoring into the arts as a professional is one of the hardest industries to break into and the rejection and confusion of how the industry operates can be crushing. 

I’ve witnessed first hand the lives Leesa and LBC Talent have changed over the years: not just helping various children, teens, and adults land roles and launch careers in the performing arts, but gifting them with direction, purpose, and newfound confidence in who they are as human beings and that their wildest dreams are indeed possible."

~ Kurt Csolak

We Guarantee… provide you with all the information, tools, guidance, best practices and timelines, video tutorials, worksheets as well as networks for training and submissions necessary to execute and create the assets needed to obtain professional representation, submit directly for work opportunities, and professionally navigate the performance industry with your child, teen or young adult or for yourself. If you are not fully satisfied based on our promise, we will refund the full price of the course. This applies within 30-days of purchase.

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